3V1025.03 Commitment to her own knowledge: we only sleep when it’s dark (11/12/80) Peggy distinguishes between dark and not dark. She knows that we sleep when it is dark. (Or rather that it is dark when we go to bed for the night.) Of late, she has been after the dog, waking her up from …

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3V1025.02 Counting on her fingers (11/12/80) The other day I saw Peggy pointing to the fingers on one hand and counting one by one as she did so, “9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 19” (or perhaps the last two were “19, 16”.) Gretchen


3V1025.01 85 dollars (1/12/80) For several months Peggy has been coming out at random times with odd numbers. She will look at a supermarket tag and say with a decisive air “This costs 86 dollars.” to which my usual reply is “I hope not.” Gretchen.


3V1022.02 Appetite for Reading: (in text between two notes written up on 11/12) Back in May, Peggy began to request a Tintin in her crib at night. Sometimes she “read” it, but many times she just wanted to have it there before she would lie down and go to sleep. And of course, it would …

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3V1022.01 Like a birdie (2) (11/9/80) In P146 today, Peggy remarked ( ) that Daddy Long Legs could fly like a birdy… we should keep our eyes open for other uses of “like” and the specific contexts so that we can observe the development of her use of simile.