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3V1022.01 Like a birdie (2) (11/9/80)

In P146 today, Peggy remarked ( ) that Daddy Long Legs could fly like
a birdy… we should keep our eyes open for other uses of “like” and the
specific contexts so that we can observe the development of her use of simile.


3V1022.02 Appetite for Reading: (in text between two notes written up on 11/12)

Back in May, Peggy began to request a Tintin in her crib at night.
Sometimes she “read” it, but many times she just wanted to have it
there before she would lie down and go to sleep. And of course, it
would be there when she awoke in the morning. Frequently we would
find her looking at one when we went in to get her up. Lately, she has
been very insistent about reading, or rather being read to. My sitting
down is generally a signal for her to move in — and request that I “reag”
[sic] to her. Richard Scary’s books are big favorites, particularly “What
do people do all day?” and “Great Big Schoolhouse” (which she refers
to as “Miss Honey”). She thinks nothing of having these read in their
entirety (90+ and 60+ pages) and requesting me to “reag it again” when
we reach the end. If she wants “Mrs. Rabbit,: I know she means
“Funniest Storybook Ever” (the whole book, of course — Mrs. Rabbit is
merely the first story !) “Nursery Tales” is another. She will be politic
at times. “I’m ready to have you reag to me now.” and if I pause too
long… “Reag it, reag it.” Occasionally Peggy will be content to sit and
leaf through a book, reciting some snatches of text at the appropriate


3V1025.01 85 dollars (1/12/80)

For several months Peggy has been coming out at random times with
odd numbers. She will look at a supermarket tag and say with a
decisive air “This costs 86 dollars.” to which my usual reply is “I hope not.”


3V1025.02 Counting on her fingers (11/12/80)

The other day I saw Peggy pointing to the fingers on one hand and
counting one by one as she did so, “9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 19” (or
perhaps the last two were “19, 16”.)


3V1025.03 Commitment to her own knowledge: we only sleep when it’s dark (11/12/80)

Peggy distinguishes between dark and not dark. She knows that we
sleep when it is dark. (Or rather that it is dark when we go to bed for
the night.) Of late, she has been after the dog, waking her up from
naps in front of the stove, because it’s not dark outside and therefore
not time to sleep. Gretchen.