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3V0434.01 Non-standard use of name ‘bird’ (04/01/79)

We have a “make-it/bake-it” cardinal hanging high on the dining room
window. Peggy is much interested in it, and Gretchen often informs her
that it is a bird. Peggy’s verbal imitations are pretty good. Sometimes
sound turns out more like /b/\p/ or /b/\d/, but it’s quite easy to
distinguish from her other vocalizations. Peggy has begun applying that
label to other things, the outstanding example of which is her pointing
to some Chinese watercolors high on our bedroom wall and repeating
“bird.” One picture is of yellow chrysanthemums and blue butterflies;
the second might be red-bud flowers and bees.

Importance — Peggy applies the label “bird” to “colorful-things-high-
up.” It is not at all clear that she would so name a living bird. Let’s
hope we see.


3V0440.01 A declarative sentence <[That's Scurry. That's it.]> (04/07/79)

Scurry looms large in Peggy’s world. She knows her name is Scurry; she
thinks of the fox pictures as dog pictures (especially note the
videotape where she first makes that identification). Today Gretchen
asked me, “Bob, did you hear that?” (I hadn’t.) “Peggy said, ‘That’s
Scurry.'” I remarked that it would be nice if it were true, if that’s what
she had said and meant. Here Scurry obliged by walking into the room.
Peggy pointed and said [That’s Scurry. That’s it.]

Importance — This use appears to be an elaboration of Peggy’s
imperative /[th]aet/ and /hae(v)[th]aet/ into declarative use.


Peggy Study, Panel P062

Themes: Sibling Interaction, Standard Objects and more, Communication
Source: (Lawler); date: 4/1/1979
This date is uncertain because of reference to a solar eclipse; there was none on this date.

Text commentary: In these clips, bright sun light causes recording variation when Peg moves in and out of shadows

P62A1 Play with Foxie, with Miriam, 20mb

P62A2 Play Toss Foxie, with Miriam, 7mb

P62B1 Standard Objects, 21mb

P62B2 Pen Play, 10mb

P62B3 Objects: Roll, Chase, 14mb

P62C Plastic Letters, 26mb

P62D1 Objects & Letters, 7mb

P62D2 Objects, Balls: Toss & Get, 17mb