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3V0609.01 [light off]: complex situation represented by order free catenation of
words. 9/23/79

Peggy and I have played with a flash light recently, which I switched on
and off and gave to her to play with. I named it for her as a “light”
which she reproduced as /lait/.

Peggy has since found lights everywhere and continually points then out
by naming. Thus she was excited to discover light bulbs in lamps,
fluorescent lights in our stairwell, and globular ceiling lights at the
library. I can no longer recall the specific incident and circumstance
wherein Peggy said [light off]. did I turn off a lamp ? Did Peggy see a
lamp in the “off” state which she usually sees “on” ?

In either case (or some other) a complex situation is represented by a
simple expression catenating two known words. There i no indication
that order is involved as a primary element of the expression. It might
be possible to argue for a topic and comment structure in this case.


3V0609.02 [pass]: desired food at table.
[bark] replacing /vae/vae’/ 9/23/79

At lunch today Peggy coveted our sandwiches. I don’t recall whether
the offer to give her some was direct or indirect; but Peggy reached out
her hand, waving and calling impatiently and imperiously, [pass, pass]

“Bark” is replacing “vava” as the word indicating what dogs do,
especially in the case of Scurry. Gretchen.


3V0610.01 [diaper…shit]: proto-sentence. 9/24/79

Peggy is taking a more active role in indicating a need for diaper
change. Frequently she will come over and pick at her plastic pants.
Today she included a verbal reference to /dai/puh/ (sometimes she
will remark [wet] and after a pause added [shit]. (she was right.) Gretchen.


3V0611.01 Counting cookie request [one…two…two ?] 9/25/79

This morning, Peggy asked for a cookie. As I gave it to her, she said
“One,… two…. two ?” She waited until I gave her a second cookie. Gretchen.


3V0612.01 [kiss]: spontaneous and kisses Gretchen.

While I was working in the kitchen, Peggy walked by holding a doll. She
held it up , said “kiss” and kissed the doll. A week later (9/26) Peggy
repeated this with me, saying spontaneously [kiss] and leaning over to
kiss me. (repeats text of 3V0604) Gretchen.


3V0612.02 [help…zzzzz]: ie. please wind up my toy car. 9/26/79

Conversation: Peggy “He’p” Gretchen: Help? do you want some help ?
What do you want help with ?” Peggy: [Zzzz…] She wanted me to
wind up a little spring driven car. Gretchen.


3V0612.03 Getting a name wrong: [pooh pooh]: Tiger in Madeline (=> a new word = last phrase in discourse) 9/26/79

[Pooh pooh] (with falling intonation). Reading Madeline today. As we
turned the page which shows the little girls skating (left) and at the zoo
(right), Peggy immediately pointed to the tiger in the right hand picture
and said, “pooh pooh.” [(This is what Madeline says to the tiger in the
zoo.) Several days later, she identified her toy stuffed tiger as “pooh-
pooh.” Gretchen.


3V0612.04 Word practice: (“terrible” = /teh/bu/) 9/26/79

This morning, changing Peggy’s diaper, I remarked to her “Poor Peggy.
You are wet and soggy. That’s terrible.” Later on in the day, I heard
Peggy repeating something to herself. Listening, I heard /teh/buh/. She
repeated the word a number of times, as if practicing. Gretchen.


3V0615.05 More word practice and an inference: “sleepy” is a signifier appropriate to an observed yawn. 9/26/79

I yawned. Peggy looked at me and immediately inquired /S’ipi ?/ The
following morning a similar incident occurred with Miriam. For a day
or so, every time any one yawned, Peggy would as /s’ipi?/ This is
another word she has not been “taught.” At night, at bedtime, I will
sometimes say to her, “Peg, are you sleepy?” It might as often be “are
you tired?” Bob will remark “sleepy baby” as he holds a tired Peggy
before she goes up to bed. But putting “sleepy” as a proper response to
a yawn seems to be her own unprompted idea. Gretchen.


3V0613.01 [please]: first time use noticed; not a family focus.

Peggy wanted a drink of my wine. She approached me pleading,
“sip…sip…sip…sip…sip…sip…p’ease ?” She has used /sihp/ previously
to mean [give me a sip], but this is the first time I have heard her use
“please.” This word has not been emphasized to her. Gretchen.


3V0614.01 [gone]: first explicit verbal joke. 9/28/79

Peggy still enjoys putting things in my pockets and taking them out.
Not only does she ask for a pen (/pehn/) but she explains that she is
putting in or taking out of the pocket (pae/taet/) by saying [in there]
(as she stuffs a pen in) or [put in].

While playing so today, Peggy made what I consider her first, explicit
verbal joke. She put a fingernail clipper in my pocket, looked at me
and said [gone] and laughed. This joke seems to be a peek-a-boo
variation and is possibly connected with Peggy’s newly emerging sense
that she can be an independent agent.


3V0614.02 [Da…door…go]: pre-sentence 9/28/79

Upstairs with Peggy in our bedroom. The door shut to keep her from
going downstairs, since we are here only a short time and I don’t want
to bother with the gate. Peggy was a little restless, wanting to leave.
She went to the door and pushed, saying [door…door]. Then (knowing
Bob was downstairs), [Da…door…go] Gretchen..


3V0615.01 [bag gone]: hiding bag behind her; 9/29/79

Peggy playing “gone” with a bag, holding it behind her, and remarking
[bag gone]. Gretchen.


3V0615.02 [ma cup]: progression toward standard order. 9/29/79; cf. 9/17

Another “cup” episode under similar circumstances, save that Peggy’s
first comment was [ma cup]. Gretchen.


Peggy Study, Panel P087

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Reading
Source: (Lawler); date: 9/24/1979

Text commentary: These clips show language tests; introduction of conical post to Ring Tower;

P87A1 Objects, Sound, Light, 18mb

P87A2 Grammar Test, 15mb

P87B Ring Tower, Cone Replacing Rod, 13mb

P87C1 Standard Objects, 20mb

P87C2 Standard Objects, 21mb

P87C3 Standard Objects, 8mb

P87C4 With Toys also, 17mb

P87D1 Reading,w/GPL: Peg’s Choice, 3mb

P87D2 Reading, with GPL, 28mb