Peggy Study, Panel P146

Themes: Talk, Toys and Stories, Standard Objects
Source: (Lawler); date: 11/9/1980

Title: Order Triumphs Peggy, early in the Twelfth Quarter
Peggy’s performances in these clips, specifically in the three episodes of the Ring Tower, the Nesting Cups, and the Nesting Boxes, mark the culmination of a developmental sequence that began in the first video, P18 (and, of course, even earlier).

P146A Toys, Legos, Talk 12mb

P146B Stories & Telephone 5.7mb

P146C Grandma Puzzle 5.1mb

P146D Playing with Peggy’s Toys 5.4mb

P146E Ring Tower 5.3mb

P146F Nesting Cups 7.7mb

P146G Nesting Boxes and Cups 11mb

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