LC0a Movies

LC0aM01 Family Video Clips and Old Photos
nostalgia about my birth family

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LC0aM02 Colleagues
like unforgetable melodies, colleagues linger in the mind

Professionally Made Video
LC0aM03 French TV at Le Centre Mondial L’Informatique (1983)
Seymour Papert, Miriam and Peggy, and Bob: ideas and demos at Le Centre Mondial

LC0aM04 National Headstart: Education with Computers (1986)
Bob, Katy, and Peg: ideas and demos for Headstart

Headstart Research Summaries
LC0aM05 One child with a Computer Word World (1990)
Denitha “tests” a new microworld, DOCK

LC0aM06 Impressions from Headstart Helpers (1990)
Reactions of Headstart Staff to Computer Microworlds for kids

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