LC0a Movies ^

LC0aM01 Family Video Clips and Old Photos

nostalgia about my birth family

LC0aM02 Mentors
like unforgetable melodies, colleagues linger in the mind

Professionally Made Videos

LC0aM03 French TV at Le Centre Mondial L’Informatique (1983)
Seymour Papert, Miriam and Peggy, and Bob: ideas and demos at Le Centre Mondial

LC0aM04 National Headstart: Education with Computers (1986)
Bob, Katy, and Peg: ideas and demos for Headstart

Headstart Research Summaries

LC0aM05 One child with a Computer Word World (1990)
Denitha “tests” a new microworld, DOCK

LC0aM06 Impressions from Headstart Helpers (1990)
Reactions of Headstart Staff to Computer Microworlds for kids

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