LC0a Other: projects & activities ^

LC0aO1 Cedar Hall: building the Lawlers’ first house in 1969. See the story: Building Cedar Hall.

Cedar Hall Gallery: LC0a Cedar Hall Gallery.

LC0aO2 Remade in the USA: 1953 MG TD 20009 Restoration. See the inspirations: Remade in the USA.

More MG Photos: LC0a MG Gallery.
For an organized grasp of the project and process, see LC0aO2 Remade in the USA.

LC0aO3 An Un-birthday Party at the Bragi Café: poetry and music performances, 2015.

LC0a4 More Music at the Bragi Café: rehearsals and performances, 2015.

Collection Abstract:
These videos by Sandy, Tom, and others are rehearsals and performances in the Bragi Café.
This is not Carnegie Hall: it IS a venue where musicians and music lovers work on their art.

LC0a5 Walking Around In Central Paris Where I’ve lived in the past. NAY

Collection Abstract:
Invited to speak at the conference “Constructionism 2010, Paris,” I stayed on for the summer,
with final trips to visit friends in Italy and Germany for the last time.

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