LC0aO22: Remaking MG TD 20009: Project Development in Photos ^

Mismatched fenders, damaged bumper

LC0aO2f: Inspection Before Tear Down Diagnosis (12)
Metal rust, wood rot, and accidents

LC0aO2f2: Problem Documentation by an Expert (19)
Repair of right front fender tear

LC0aO2g: Tear Down & Early Work (7 galleries; 4 sub-galleries)
Engine left insides close up

LC0aO2h: 1992 Rebuilding (7 galleries)
Tub in finished Ivory color

LC0aO2i: 1993 Rebuilding (8 galleries)
Dashboard wiring close up

LC0aO2j: Rebuilding in Home Garage (17 galleries)
Peg and Scotty in the MG

LC0aO2k: On the Road Again (1 gallery for now)
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