LC0aO22: Remaking MG TD 20,009: Project Development in Photos ^

The elements of this collection are pictures, organized in groups of galleries, on one or more pages.
The first two and last entries of this table are direct links to galleries.
The four central entries are like this table. Its entries are either links to galleries or links to other tables.
The primary work of the project is shown in the four central entries of this table, each of which represents
a unified period of time, with work on multiple aspects of remaking the car.

Note: if you want to see “close-ups” of the pictures, clicking on a picture moves the gallery into “lightbox mode”
where any of the pictures are shown at maximum size. (Not so, for icons in tables)

Mismatched fenders, damaged bumper

LC0aO2f: Inspection Before Tear Down Diagnosis (12 pics)
Two pages organized around body surface faults and deterioration.
Metal rust, wood rot, and accidents

LC0aO2f2: Problem Documentation by an Expert (19 pics)
Four pages on surface and deeper problems revealed by disassembly.
Repair of right front fender tear

LC0aO2g: Tear Down & Early Work (7 galleries; 4 sub-galleries)
Stripping the body down to the frame, then wiring, the paint later; Replacing rotted
wood, rusted metal, removing and inspecting the engine internals and the drive train.
Engine left insides close up

LC0aO2h: 1992 Rebuilding (7 galleries). Central Focus is the engine and drive train.
Plus wiring, the frame, suspension, the body and new paint.
Tub in finished Ivory color

LC0aO2i: 1993 Rebuilding (8 galleries). Central focus is on the surface and painting
Plus large scale re-assembly, then smaller assemblies and the core vehicle.
Dashboard wiring close up

LC0aO2j: Rebuilding in Home Garage (17 galleries). After body and engine are together
on the wheels, much remains to be done. Wiring, steering, windshield, lighting, wheels,
bumpers, upholstery, undercoating, and more.
Peg and Scotty in the MG

LC0aO2k: On the Road Again (1 gallery for now; 4 pics on 1 page)
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