Classics on Display: Various Inspirations (3)

A “Gathering of the Faithful” at Plymouth, MA

MG Pre-War Models

One P-type MG (1934-36)

MG TAs/TBs (1936-1938)

Tickford TA drophead coupé:
From 1938 the car could also be had with a more luxurious Tickford drophead coupé body by Salmons of Newport Pagnell and 252 were made. The soft top could be used in three positions, fully open, closed or open just over the seats. Wind-up windows were fitted to the higher topped doors making the car more weather-tight and individual bucket seats used in the fully carpeted interior. Complete chassis were fitted with a very basic body at the Abingdon factory and driven to Newport Pagnell to have their coachwork fitted.

MG Drop-Head Coupes (1938)

MG TCs 1945-1948

MG TDs 1950-1953

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