LC0bO6 Hartley Hale Handwriting Analysis
An example of Analytical Rubbish:

cameo 6 Hartley Hale
An Analysis of His Handwriting

Assertions about Temperament
The lines written by the subject betray a marked breathlessness. He is one of the persons who are always on the run, who have never time to deal with a problem in a quiet thorough way, who nearly never relax. In this case, the mobility is not caused by the strength of progressive urges and drives that impel the individual to advance toward a final goal. On the contrary, the lines reflect an exemplary lack of substance. We may liken the subject’s personality to a fragile sailing-boat which is being propelled by a furious gale. Every minute this boat is threatened by the danger of capsizing…
I think the writer is a psychasthenic with a very low vitality. His responses are characterized by languidness, variability and unreliability. He is more sensitive that most of the writers but unfortunately the negative aspects of this quality prevail in his personality. He is easily hurt and angered, therefore he reacts negatively to even constructive criticism.

Assertions about Social Relations
On the other hand, this individual experiences a definite pleasure to point at shortcoming and mistakes of others in a somewhat malicious way. He is one of the persons who try to build themselves up by tearing others down. Undoubtedly he possesses some empathy, but uses it in a negative way.
To all appearances he likes gossip. Like spinsters whose emotions are in a state of frustration and petrification he feels some pleasure in peeping at the private lives of others. I think he is apt to become the Walter Winchell of the campus.
The writer wants to direct others, to be in the limelight. Because of his lack of orientation and sound judgment he is obstinate, if it would be better to give in and yields when he ought to be firm.
He has not grasped the necessity of mutual give and take in living. He wants to get something for nothing. If he has committed a blunder, he is not able to own up. With all his might he tries to “color” his failure, to cover up his mistakes. Truth is only a secondary matter to him. He must save face because he is too weak to stand defeat. This attitude is common to many people who suffer from neuroses. It is a typical escape and fear reaction.

Assertions about Mental Characteristics
The mental life of the writer is parasitic to some extent. He is endowed with versatility. but the script reflects an extraordinary lack of creative qualities. I do no think that everybody can and should be a genius, but experience shows that most people are productive with more or less originality in some field. Here is nothing of this kind. Opinions and attitudes of the writer are second-hand acquisitions. He imitates others, is gullible to some extent (despite a vivid attitude of suspicion against everybody) and pieces together ideas and images from foreign sources without any additions on his part. Martyr and redeemer-phantasies still play some part in his imaginary life.
His memory is not reliable and reproduces facts and concepts in a somewhat distorted way.

Assertions about Practicality and Dexterity
The writer is impractical and has not much understanding for economic problems. He takes money for granted, but behaves often in an immature, greedy, self-centered way concerning sums and objects of little importance.
Mechanical dexterity is non-existent. I think the writer cannot even nail the lid on a box or do similar chores. His movements are sometimes surprisingly graceful, but more frequently they impress the observer as listless, weak, shilly-shally.

Assertions about Sexual Inclinations and Capability
His vital urges are sterile and I think there is scarcely any sexual life which goes beyond masturbation. His development must have been arrested at an early age in his life. Physical shortcomings are very probable. In my opinion, the writer suffers from frequent absences. He lacks physical vigor, tires quickly, and then feels all the more frightened and frustrated.
In my opinion, this is one of the most significant analyses in the series. The contours of the personality as reflected in the script are literally and figuratively thin and this makes it very difficult to ascertain and evaluate the traits correctly. The first thing that the writer needs is a strengthening of his body and mind. He must learn to have confidence in and to play the game of life without escaping, fearing and cheating; (sic) Perhaps one day he will be able to see his power of empathy and understanding in a positive way; then he might be able to help others.
I do not know whether this re-naissance can be achieved.

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