LC0c Reviews of Artificial Intelligence and Education

Extracts from Published Reviews

In Contemporary Psychology (1989).
…one of the major scientific challenges of our time is how to make computers perform more interesting tasks, in education and elsewhere…. For the contributors to this volume, the decision is clear. What we want is computers both as presenting challenging learning environments and as intelligent tutoring systems. The organization of this collection of papers reflects the distinction that is still to be made between these two roles of the computer in education…. It contains excellent chapters, specifically the first five (Lawler; Feurzeig; diSessa; Papert; the Lawlers). I applaud their depth of thinking, their command of the language, and their enthusiasm….
Overall, I think this volume presents a happy start for a series that may well turn out to be the trendsetter and the binding element for the expanding flow of papers and reports in the field of ITS…
Jan J. Elshout
Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University of Amsterdam

In Educational Technology (1988).
…the editors Lawler and Yazdani do an excellent job of interlinking the different chapters and providing an overall perspective for the reader…. As a whole, the material on computer based Learning Environments builds a persuasive case why information technology, properly used, can enhance rather than impoverish students’ experience of reality….
In summary, Artificial Intelligence and Education is well worth reading. This book makes a significant contribution to understanding the next generation of instructional computing. … Building bridges between artificial intelligence researchers and educational practicioners will be a vital step in actualizing the promise of instructional AI….
Christopher J. Dede
Timothy E. Wirth Professor of Learning Technologies, Harvard

AI & Education, V1 Review by Christopher Dede, 1988

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