Logo Session 64: TIS Video 52

Theme: SHOOT Review; Design & Programming project
Source: (Lawler); date: 9/13/1977
This session has interesting material, but the original source is dark and difficult to re-balance. It needs more work.

SHOOT Final 5mb

Using GUIDANCE 12mb

Multiple Ways to Win* 3mb

Designing Sub 5mb

Programming Sub 37mb

Debugging Sub 6mb

* In playing with my first version of SHOOT, originally written by E. Paul Goldenberg, Rob noticed that the target appeared at the
origin of the the XY grid. So he saw he could win every time by keying “HOME, SHOOT 0 (distance zero”). This was named
“The Clever Hack.” When I modified the code to locate the target at a random location, he at first used “The Clever Tactic,”
to wit: using TG commands to locate the turtle within the target, then once again commanding “SHOOT 0.”

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