Lc2aT2 Binet Test Summary

This estimate of Miriam’s IQ (in 99th percentile) is just the kind of thing to have in one’s records. For those who go by such measures, it should indicate she is bright enough to do whatever she may want to do. It is also low enough that she will be spared the burden of being expected to perform miracles. Viewing Miriam as a subject in the experiments of this project, I find such an IQ quite satisfactory. I can claim my subject is as bright as anyone could wish and is ignorant because of her young age. What could be better characteristics for the subject of an experiment wherein the hope is to trace in fine detail the development of ideas?

Miriam at six was a relatively mature child who was lacking in specific knowledges. The characterization of that maturity and ignorance is beyond addressing by the Binet examination. On the other hand, the detail data of this independent examination are quite compatible with the other materials of The Intimate Study. (The complete results and interpretation are available to researchers who seek more details.)

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