Vn37.1 Explaining SHOOT 6/26/77

While visiting some friends with a summer place at Lake Winnepesaukee,
the nature of our work at Logo came up in conversation. When
I asked the children if they would like to explain any part of it, they
agreed to explain how SHOOT works.

They designated a mid-floor hot air register as the target and
said, “One guy has to be the turtle, the other guy the keyboard.”
After minor contention they agreed Miriam should be the turtle and
Robby give directions. Miriam at the command SETUP turned a circle
and did a GO-SOME-WHERE (she moved to a random place and turned away
from the target). Robby commanded ‘left turn 90, left turn 20’ for
alignment, then ‘SHOOT 400.’ Miriam walked to the target and announced,
“Ouch. Your score is 1.” Miriam then suggested Robby be the turtle.

Robby agreed and executed a GO-SOME-WHERE. Apparently Robby
agreed to be the turtle in order to make this joke: he went from the
target through an open bedroom door and closed it. “I’ve GONE-SOME-
WHERE!” This pretty much ended the game.

These notes are not meant to exhibit the children as articulate
expositors of the project; they do show the manner in which these two
children most naturally represent to others what we do.

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