LC2b Analyses ^
Observations, Analyses, and Models

The Intimate Study Profiles

The profiles are a series of initial and terminal cognitive examinations. Through these, Miriam’s capabilities and styles of thought may be compared with data in the psychological literature and with normal education skills through her performance of these specific tasks [note 2]:

Academic tasks: background, summary, and detail
LC2cT3P1 Reading
LC2cT3P2 Arithmetic
LC2cT3P3 Picture Puzzle Assembly
LC2cT3P4 Her Background at Logo

Piagetian tasks: results, experiment description and detail
Initial Tests: L. Miller, then R. Lawler
LC2cT3PIT1 One-One Correspondence
LC2cT3PIT2 Continuous Quantity (liquids)
LC2cT3PIT3 Inclusion in Classes (first Miller, then Papert)
LC2cT3PIT4 Applying Names (1)
LC2cT3PIT5 Applying Names (2)
Extended Tests: S. Papert
LC2cT3PET1 Time & Velocities
LC2cT3PET2 Bead Families
LC2cT3PET3 Object Volume
LC2cT3PET4 Weight
LC2cT3PET5 Displacement Volume
LC2cT3PET6 Beam Balance
LC2cT3PET7 Multiple Seriation (first Papert, then Lawler)
LC2cT3PET8 Shape Families
Special Tests: R. Lawler
LC2cT3PST1 Backspinning
LC2cT3PST2 Hanoi Tower Puzzle
LC2cT3PST3 Hanoi Tower Analog
LC2cT3PST4 Bending Rods

Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale: test L-M at 6 years, 19 days.

Some materials from the profiles are available in part as published appendices to “Computer Experience and Cognitive Development.” (See LC2b-Text for those files.)

Other materials of an idiographic character were collected and may be added later.

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