3V0200.02 Increasing Mobility 8/10

Peggy’s mobility is rapidly increasing. When on her stomach, she has good success at rotation on her belly, pulling her hands in the direction of some desired object by grasping the material of whatever surface she is on. Her accidental “on-the-back-crawl” continues. She has not yet rolled onto her stomach from her back, but she is within a breath of doing so. (The situation is one of reaching out to explore with her hands, e.g. scratching the wood grained surface of our bed’s headboard.) If she wriggles forward on her stomach, it is accidental. Trying hard to reach for objects beyond her grasp, her wriggling may bring her forward or the flailing may just as likely knock it away. (Miriam is now playing with Peggy, giving her advice on rolling over.)

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