3V0306.02 Giving dishtowels with vocal accompaniment:
Hey Dad!
“Hey Dad !” (or /hae//thaet/ ?) 11/24

HEY DAD! — Peggy has played giving games which started with my pipe and rapidly generalized to other objects. Some times [she] has come to me at the table in her walker and offered me whatever object was in her hand. Yesterday, I stood a few feet from Peggy in the kitchen. She waved about a dishtowel and then exclaimed something close to “Hey Dad!” and held the towel out to me. I took it from [her] and mimicked her, “Here, Peg,” (the mimicry was more intonational pattern than any other aspect) and returned it to her. This transaction was repeated twice more, then in two final givings and returns, Peggy said nothing and I instructed her, “Peggy, you’re supposed to say ‘Hey Dad!'”

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