3V0367.01 Turning a phrase around 1/24/79

TURNING A PHRASE AROUND — This evening Peggy sat playing in my lap. She was restive, but when she saw a pipe-stem on a table nearby, she brightened and said “/hae/thaet/ /hae/thaet/.” I gave it to her, and she chewed on it as her wont is. Then — I pointed to the pipe-stem in her hand and said “/hae/thaet/.” I repeated it as Peggy looked at the pipe- stem, appearing a little puzzled. Then she turned to me; I said “/hae/ thaet/”, and she gave it to me. We repeated this a second time a little later in the evening.

RELEVANCE — Peggy shows very clearly in this incident that she can use her single phrase with flexible specification of agent and patient.

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