3V0535.01 Ant versus bug: preferred name for a shared referent (7/11/79)

Today at the beach I surprised Peggy by a sudden leap — I had caught
sight of a plant near my foot and thought at first it was a wasp. I
explained that I thought I had seen a bug, but it was only a plant.
Peggy, who was standing by my knee (I was sitting) began searching the
ground between my legs, repeating “Bug.” She did not appear to attend
my explanations that there was no bug. After a short bit, Peggy said
with satisfaction, “Bug” and began to stamp on the ground. I saw
motion, and identified it as a “little ant.” Peggy retorted, “li’l bug.” [We
have had much trouble with ants in the house over the past 6 weeks or
so, and those that are found wandering about on the floor are
promptly stepped on.] Gretchen.

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