3V0574.01 Learning to Sit Down : 08/19/79;

Peggy has been sitting for a year. Earlier this last week (and probably
before) she has shown she can sit in the older children’s rocking chairs
(while watching TV in the basement). Today, Miriam returned from the
garage with an old children’s chair. It differed from the rockers in
having no arms. The chair fascinates Peggy. She carries it around,
pushes it one place and another, turns it over and so forth.

Despite her year of sitting down, Peggy has had to learn to sit down in
this chair. The problem was one of body geometry. After siting the
chair, Peggy placed herself in front of the chair, looked back at it, tried
to sit down and missed. A second try was better and worse. Her better
aim put her bum right on the projecting leg (less soft than the cane
seat). Her third attempt was perfect, and was one about which she was
manifestly pleased.

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