Peggy Study, Panel P106

Themes: Language Development, Object Knowledge, Social Interactions
Source: (Lawler); date: 2/4/1980

Text commentary: As noted in these clips, most everyone in the family was feeling sub-par. This probably explains Peggy’s lack of persistence in playing with all the various things introduced in the session.

P106A Typewriter, with Miriam, 17mb

P106B Plastic Letters, 23mb

P106C Limited Help, from Miriam, 8mb

P106D Snoopy Train, 20mb

P106E Standard Objects, 22mb

P106F Typerwriter, with Bob, 14mb

P106G Plastic Letters, 10mb

P106H1 Toys and Talk, 19mb

P106H2 Diffuse Focus, 17mb

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