P129B2: Standard Objects: Cups, Cylinders, Ring Tower, 23mb

P129B2 Clip Notes

Notes: 4:59 by Analyst, 3/20/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 to 3:23 ?
About Cups
Episode B:
3:23 to 3:55
Balls in Tricky Cylinder
Episode C:
3:56 to 4:59
Ring Tower with Extra Rings
Peg: (squatting by the toy tray, she reaches out for the ring tower base and conical shaft and sets it on the floor humming quietly to herself. The shaft has 2 rings on it down to the base; they appear to be from another set of rings, and to include ring 0 at the base. Peg selects ring A equal ring 1 and puts it on the conical shaft. She then selects ring B equal ring 2 and adds that to the top of the stack. Selecting ring C equal ring 3, she puts that on the conical shaft. She finishes off the set of rings with one of the small rings, ring D equal ring 5.)
Bob: (returning to the scene with a small square box, he places it on the floor beside the toy tray) I forgot we usually keep those things in here too. (Removing the large wooden box, muttering: there’s too much here. He sits down by the toy tray.)
Peg: (looking inside the materials Bob just put on the floor, Peggy exclaims: there’s no bug in there, dad.
Bob: no bug in there?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: I’m sorry I mentioned a bug…. (Moving aside the toy tray, I’m pointing to the floor) there is a bug right there, see? There he is.
Peg: (watching the bug move, she smacks it with the palm of her hand.) I hit him.
Bob: you sure got him…. Yuck!
Peg: what?
Bob: is your hand all buggy, now?
Peg: (selecting ring E equal ring 5, she puts it on top of the stack.)
Bob: hey, wow…. I guess next time, I’ll have to take some of those away so you don’t get to many…. Here’s another one. (Tossing another small ring to Peg.)
Peg: (Picking up ring F equal ring 4, she adds that to the top of the stack.) Here, dad.
GPL: take the two bottom ones.
Bob: probably.. (As Peggy starts throwing rings to make them role, Bob stretches out to catch them) well, here. I’ll tell you what, Peg. To make your life easier (removing extra large rings from the set with the ring tower.)
Episode D:
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P129, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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